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All our massage therapist are senior therapist that have been doing medical massage ranging from 5 years to 11+ years.

We are thoroughly trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue massage and Clinical/Rehab treatments

Each therapist holds additional certifications in different modalities.

Massage has been proven to help different ailments like depression, PTSD, Pre/Post surgery, as well as old injuries from work, motor vehicle accidents and sports. 

                                                                       "The Best Care is Preventative Care!"


Anissa C. Gouveia LMT, CCT Educator 


Owner of Sun Mesa Massage 


Medical Massage Therapist 13yrs


Additional Certifications include

Intraoral/TMJ Treatment, Sports/Thai Massage, Cupping therapy, Barfoot fusion,  Prenatal/Postnatal AIS, KT taping

Guest Massage Therapist

Heather Muyskens LMT, CCT MA60770663

Owner of Wild Moon Massage Therapy

Specializes in Therapeutic Massage & Sports Therapy

Additional Certifications include

Cupping Therapy, Hot stone & Himalayan Stone treatment


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Guest Massage Therapist

Sara Reifschneider LMT


Guest Massage Therapist

Taryn Proudsworth LMT


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