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Cupping Workshop

April 10th& 11th 2021

Day 1 930am-430pm

Day 2 930am -1230pm

A $40  non-refundable registration fee goes towards your tuition of $195


Traditional Fire Cupping, Silicone, Pump style as well as facial cupping.! You will receive and perform all techniques and a study guide to take home. You do not need to have your own cups. We will provide them.

We do carry a Fire cup starter kit and a Silicone set for purchase

Call or email to register

Deep Tissue W/ KT for Lower Extremities

Jan 6 2021 930am


7hrs. Hands on CE   Cost $180

A $40 non-refundable deposit registration fee 


Stix & Stones Workshop


Jan 10 2021 930am

9hrs of continuing education

Cost is $190

A $40 non-refundable deposit goes towards class

6 spots available



April 14th 10am &

April 24th 930am

In person 4hr class

Cost is $50

Register & pay by email

Massage Business 101

Dec 04 2021  1130am


5hrs. continuing education

Cost $100

Want to venture out on your own? Not sure where to start or how? Want some help to get started? Lets talk cash or insurance clientele and what does that mean for you? 

Deep Tissue W/ KT forUpper Extremities

Jan 20 2021 930am


7hrs. Hands on CE   Cost $180

A $40 non-refundable deposit registration fee 

Insurance Billing & its Ethics 101

NOV 13 2021 930 AM


4 Hourse of CE
you will learn billing codes,fill out the CMS form, how to pick your billing amount, ans billing ethics dissicusion

5hrs. continuing education

Cost $90

Deep Tissue w/a Thai Twist for clinical use

May 2021 



18hrs of continuing Education

Cost is $400

A $75 non refundable deposit goes towards tuition

This course can be paid in payments.

In this 2 day course you will learn deep tissue techniques to release low back pain, sciatic pain. rotator infringement, and release digital dementia symptoms.

By the end you will be able to perform these skills clothed, unclothed, sporting events and clinical environment

This is a tiered class. You will receive two certificates at the end. One for the DT/Thai the other for Self Care Body mechanics for deep tissue

 Call or email to register

Shower less body scrubs and Mud Wrap

TBD 2021

5hrs. of Hands on CE

Registration is $120

   A $30  non-refundable

registration fee goes

towards your tuition


Learn how to apply and remove body scrubs and mud without needing a shower. You will receive and perform all techniques.We will provide all supplies.


We are looking for providers who would like a place to teach a CE workshop. If you know someone or  your are interested please contact us We would love to host your workshop!

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